Back Taxes

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Has it been some time since you filed your taxes? If you haven't consistently filed your taxes every year then it is possible that you might owe back taxes. You could even be missing out on a refund!

Our accountant can help walk you through the steps that you will need to take to file your federal and state tax returns on years that you did not file.
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Back tax filing

The first step in filing back taxes will be to gather important documents to provide your accountant. You will need to be sure to pass along important forms such as your W-2 and Form 1099. Second, you will need to get a copy of your income information from your employer. Third, you will need to get any other necessary documents to your accountant so that we can begin filing your past due taxes.

What if I don't pay back taxes?

As a citizen of The United States of America you are responsible for paying the amount of taxes owed on your behalf. Failure to pay your past due taxes could result in a big headache for you later down the road. The IRS has the capability to collect money owed from employers, your bank, and any other sources that might pay off your debt.

If you have back due taxes don't wait and let the problem get worse! Call our accountant in Stockbridge, GA today at 678-509-5627 to schedule a consultation. We will help you get up to date and stay current with your taxes.