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The Stockbridge Generals Youth Football and Cheerleading Association

I volunteer with The Stockbridge Generals Youth Football and Cheerleading program as Cheer Director and serve on the board as Treasurer. I enjoy working with the coaches and the girls. The picture with me and the cheerleaders was one moment when we were just having fun together before the start of a game. During our home games I volunteer at the gate from the first game to the last game.

She Steams

I am a member She Steams . We host a Hats, Heals & Derby Fundraiser annually. This fundraiser coincides with the Kentucky Derby. The funds from this event help us to sponsor our Stem Friday's, Stem nights & Golf Clinics.

Please see below for a snipit from our website:

She STEAMS is a successful 501/c3 founded by Henry County Commisioner and ran by a dynamic board of professional moms. She STEAMS is a nationally recognized leader in the field of empowering women and young girls economic development. The girls of She Steams are strong, talented, independent, and creative. She STEAMS provides programs and services to support and accelerate women owned businesses that strengthen the impact of women by empowerment, creating jobs, and fueling economic growth. She STEAMS carries out these activities through several programs by means of sponsorship and fundraising efforts by its board members. With access to amazing role models, the girls of She Steams are able to build upon their knowledge and strengthen their confidence. Benefits of She STEAMS: We offer two sites of Girls STEM Friday's, Two public STEM nights, Two STEM field trips every quarter, Two arts performances, and Two golf clinics.

Wild Wind Homeowners Association

The last two pictures were from when the HOA Board sponsored a back to school community event for our homeowners and their families.

I serve as treasurer of the board.

Springfield Missionary Baptist Church (Atlanta, GA)

I have served on the Trustee Board for over 15 years and I hold the title of CFO. Not only do I attend this wonderful place of worship but I give back my time in the area that God has blessed me with. I offer advice & guidance on financial matters of the church.