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Notary Services Stockbridge, GA and Surrounding Areas

These days you need a notary for more than what you think. A notary officiates the signing of a document to ensure that it is signed correctly and that all signers are aware of the agreement that they are entering. There are specific things that must be present for a document to be notarized correctly. When booking notary services Stockbridge Georgia and surrounding areas, If all the below elements are not in place then your document will not be viewed as valued:

  • Text committing the signer
  • Signatures
  • Date
  • Ensure that there is nothing left for interpretation such as empty spaces or blanks


What things need a notary to notarize?

Our mobile accountant can notarize anything that you legally need notarized in Stockbridge and the state of Georgia. Some of the most common documents that we have to notarize include:
In general notary services are needed for any documents that contain terms that the signer is agreeing to.

How long do notary services take on average?

Notary services are a relatively quick process. We always encourage our clients to make an appointment with our mobile accountant if possible. This will help ensure that your documents are notarized in a timely manner.

Can you come to me or do I have to go to your office to have a document notarized?

Our mobile accountant provides mobile notary services to make your life easier! We can come straight to you so that you don't have to take time out of your day to travel to our office.

What are your hours of operation for notary services?

Our hours of operation are as follows:
Monday - Friday: 6PM - 9PM
Saturday: 10AM- 6PM
Sunday: By Appointment

Do I need a witness for my notary?

Yes, to get a document notarized in Stockbridge and throughout the state of Georgia you must have a witness. However, in the state of Georgia your notary can serve as a witness and notary on the same document.

Apart from the notary who can be the witness?

If you choose to have your own witness for your notary services then your witness should be someone who does not have direct or indirect interest in the document that is being notarized.

What will I need to get my document notarized?

To notarize a document the mobile accountant will need to see proof of identification. You may use unexpired state issued ID, military ID, or a passport.